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Mr. Quimby's Beard - The Definitive Unsolved Mysteries of... 1999 England

Mr. Quimby's Beard - The Definitive Unsolved Mysteries of... 1999 Stone Premonitions (CD-R)

CD issue: 2000 Freaky Fungi

By 1999 the festival space rock sound, most famously pushed forward by Ozric Tentacles, Omnia Opera and Mandragora, was starting to get a bit long in the tooth. Many would argue that rot had set in as far back as 1995. Perhaps it was the era these albums came out in, or just the onslaught of too much good music all at once, but all of these type of albums have aged remarkably well for me. I can't seem to get enough of psychedelic guitar, swooshing and sequenced synthesizers, heavy bass and crashing drums. If you're like me, then Mr. Quimby's Beard is another band to add to your collection. They had two albums prior to this, that I recall being a bit inferior. But as the premise lays out, I have to wonder if time will be kind to those as well.

I had been confused about this release for some time. And it's only recently I realized I had the CD-R ve…

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